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She made me watch it

Hume had this brilliant (to her) idea about dog movies. She wanted me to watch them with her. As can be seen, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the concept. This particular one, A Dog’s Purpose, she believed would captivate me and give her an excuse to cry (she’d already read the book and it was a tear-jerker interspersed with family friendly humor). And so, Redbox time it was.

I am sure many of you have read or already seen the flick. I hadn’t. Truthfully, parts of it were captivating, especially the love affair between the huge Roxy and tiny Toby. What machismo! What hubris! On Toby’s part, that is. The death of the K-9 Elleyea was particularly disturbing and very sad. Unfortunately, the filmmakers showed nothing of the over-the-top tributes that would have followed her demise as a two-time heroine.

The “sweaty smell” description of human hormonal emanations I found too euphemistic for my taste. It was almost as if dumb Bailey didn’t know a male from a female. Also, no mention was made of any sexual activity among the various canines portrayed. Oh, really? Give me a bitch in heat and I’ll show you what a “sweaty smell” looks like.

It is very surprising that various human religious entities did not protest or picket this film. (You know which ones I mean.) Reincarnation, a big no-no for most Christian sects, was the vehicle that moved the plot forward. It was never clear if this reincarnation thing was going to last an eternity or as scientists believe, till the next Big Bang or black hole collapse of the universe does us all in.

Too, Bailey’s philosophical musings at the outset about his purpose in life were a tad overreaching for a supposedly dumb puppy who grew very little intellectually through the film. Poor Bailey. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why he didn’t learn from past experience.¬† And the ending (which I won’t reveal) was problematic on several levels, but I won’t go into them. You will just have to see for yourself. And be forewarned, cat lovers, your feline friends don’t come off too well. Not the Egyptian gods you might think.

All in all, A Dog’s Purpose had a nice beat, but you couldn’t dance to it. I give it 3 1/2 paws.

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Catching up

Since last I posted, I have aged. My whiskered pug mug is going grey and I am a little paunchier. But my mind–when not fried by the searing Florida sun–is still sharp and shows no signs of plaque formation.

We (hume and I) have suffered the slings and arrows of sling-shooters and archers, and are holding up as best as can be expected. Hume is always in the throes of self-doubt, superstition and dissatisfaction with recent gainful employment, but what matters that to me? My chicken tenderloins appear with regularity and I still sleep in her bed. So, what else is new?



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