Pugs are NOT clowns

Humes can be cruel, misinformed or sometimes just easily swayed by others. Particularly I am referring to commentary about us being “clowns,” “natural clowns” etc. This point of view is often reiterated in books about pugs or other venues and I would hope it will die the timely death it deserves. The weird part is it is often repeated while at the same time the truism is touted that we are a regal breed with innate dignity and so forth. The latter is certainly true.

I know of no pug who relishes being dressed as some cartoon character or holiday imp, elf or other grotesquerie. We only allow it because we are an ancient and wise species that understands the small pittance of frivolity such action provides our humes. They have hard lives, full of worry and woe, so it behooves us as the royal beings we are to allow them some small measure of distraction.

There is no doubt we are playful and do like to tease our humes. But clowns? No indeed. I should appreciate it if such remarks are no longer repeated anywhere. Holla holla! Just kidding…..


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