Monthly Archives: March 2012


While lazing the day away, waiting for my current hume, master, mistress, whatever, to return from the place she calls a four-letter word, I listen to quite a lot of public radio. Very entertaining. The radio folks’ feigned sincerity and breathy attempts at gravitas quite amuse me. I won’t name names, however, because these radions seem to relish small controversies and would likely read my blog as a “letter to the editor” to prove how objective, fair-minded and open to criticism they are…. NOT! LOL!

Anyway, they blather a lot about education and now “higher” education. I presume by higher education they mean the institutions where much of the student body is higher on alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens or stimulants than they were in middle school. …

I never quite understood the concept of higher education: Students pay exorbitant amounts of dollars to attend institutions (appropriately also what humes call the places where inmates and nutjobs are housed) and then these poor dupes are subject to the whims of pompous eggheads, AKA professors, teachers or instructors or some such. Humes are being hoodwinked! They pay professors to “teach” students, who in turn are graded and judged by the very same persons hired to do the job in the first place.

Forsooth, if logic prevailed, the payers would judge the purveyors of education and only pay if they do what they are hired to do! Yikes! Why don’t the so-called investigative journalists of public radio sink their tiny claws into that story??? It’s because all radions hold their own “degrees” and alma maters so dear they don’t want to admit to their public that they too have been hornswaggled…

Just call me “Scoop.”